About Us

About Us

Şah Metal, that was established by Mustafa and İsmail Göçer brothers in 2000 on a 30 m2 area,has succeeded to be a reputable foundation which has been conducting the sector in these 18 years with its original design, qualified production and effective / complate service understanding that they adapted yet in their establishment phase.

Şah Metal, that took their first first step on the way to be a corporate brand in 2003 by registering the trademark Guzzi,has collected their products, which they related to the important historicalplaces from Turkey and the world,in three main groups, Pro Collection, Basic Collection and Trimming & Tieback Collection again under the name of Guzzi, their registered trademark.

Şah Metal has succeeded to be one of the most important determiners, but not a follower,of the sectional trends by always renewing itself and has never compromisedfrom its principles about qualified service. Şah Metal has been working more and more in order to protect customers' faith and to be able to get higher.

Şah Meta, who entered the section as a modest foundation, has succeeded to be an important trademark which serves to 500 points of sales (400 at home and 100 abroad) in its 2400 m2 closed area and with its 45 employees by turning their earnings into investments.

Şah Metal, who has been one of the pioneer firms of the section by gettin bigger and bigger everyday with your support thanks sincerely to you valuable cusomers.

Best regards,
Mustafa and İsmail Göçer